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The Extraordinary History Of Okinawa Kobudo

To those who are new to the world of martial arts or karate, as well as the weapon systems that exist within the various disciplines to be found, things can get a little confusing at times. For example, while you might be inclined to think that Okinawa kobudo is the same as Okinawan kobudo, you couldn’t be further from the truth.The truth of the matter is that Okinawan kobudo refers to a broader concept of the various weapon systems that exist within Okinawan martial arts. Okinawa kobudo is along the same lines, but is in the end a bit more specific than Okinawan kobudo.Okinawa kobudo actually refers to a certain system that can be found in Okinawan martial arts. There is one person in particular you can look to for this fact. This will serve to provide you with a foundation that will make it easier to delve further into the world of Okinawa kobudo.Background And HistoryThe history of Okinawa kobudo can be traced back to the 12th century. However, the most interesting historical components to the story of Okinawa kobudo can be found a couple of centuries later. The 14th through 16 centuries were known as the Golden Age of Trade for the Okinawan region. This brought a great deal of economic achievement to the area, but it also forced Okinawan sailors to learn how to defend themselves from Japanese pirates and others. This lead to a variety of laws being passed in the area, which lead to circumstances that forced peasants living and working in the area to seek out ways in which they could defend themselves.Throughout this period, empty hand techniques were combined with the weaponry potential of items that largely consisted of farming tools. Sticking techniques were and remain particularly prevalent with this weapon system.As you can imagine, various styles and forms were established, developed, and nurtured throughout this period. The Okinawa kobudo style in particular came from a particularly significant tradition within the Okinawan martial arts framework. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until Shimpo Matayoshi began his extraordinary career as a student and instructor that the term Okinawa kubudo was used as a means of coining a very specific component of Okinawan kobudo.The Bottom LineThe history and basics of Okinawa kobudo makes for some complex reading. However, it is indeed a fascinating history. It is a history that has endured to the present, while offering new students fantastic potential.Standing United We Pack A Punch.

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E-Commerce – Use Credit Card Processing to Grow Your Business

E-Commerce is booming, and you can use credit card processing to grow your business online. E-Commerce credit card processing provides your business respectability and purchase convenience that can increase your sales by over 23% tests have shown. Let us examine how accepting credit cards can help your E-commerce business.E-Commerce Credit Card Processing Increases TrustWhen your business accepts Visa or Mastercards online it provides an instant boost in perception to your customer where perception is everything, and trust is king. A potential customer is given the truthful impression that providing value and convenience is your concern and that you are more than just a weekend hobbyist that cannot be relied upon to meet their needs. It’s dramatic, but true, sales have been shown to increase by 23% per transactions simply by providing payment processing capabilities.As an E-Commerce professional, you have come to realize that trust and reliability are hard won online. Your customer, no matter your product, has countless of other websites that they can spend their hard earned money on your product or service, so why do they want to shop with you? The major hurdle to online business success is trust.With all the scams and half efforts that exist, you must work to set your business apart from the herd, and an E-Commerce business that provides secure credit card processing does that.You prove to your customer that you are a real business, with real costs and that you expect sales. When you expect sales you get sales. Statistically the numbers back up the need for accepting Visa and MasterCard for your E-Commerce business to grow. In some cases, sales are shown to jump by over 30% with no other changes than accepting credit cards.Make Buying EasySo why is there such an increase in the sales for an E-Commerce site that sets up a merchant account and starts processing credit cards? The experts believe it has to do with ease of purchase along with perception. You have done the hard work convincing your customer of the need for your service or product, and fast a fast payment processing gateway provides opportunity for the customer to buy before the mood leaves.Setup is EasyThe process for setting up a card processing gateway and merchant account has been standardized over the years and is easier than ever. You will need to apply with your preferred merchant account provider for approval, and nearly all the trusted E-Commerce merchant account companies provide technical support for any unique integration needs.When shopping for a credit card processing provider for your E-Business, be sure to compare multiple offers. Merchant account companies operate in a highly competitive market and will often negotiate for the privilege of helping your business succeed.

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